Five of the best jobs in the world

Island caretakerisland caretakerFor six months you could earn £70,000 living on a paradise island in a three bedroom villa with its own swimming pool.
So what does it take to be an island caretaker?
You need a passion for adventure and the ability to create video blogs, apart from that you’ll be expected to feed the island fish and collect mail.

Chocolate tasterchocolate taster For £30,000 you could take on the role of chocolate taster for companies such as Nestle and Mars.
What do you need to become a chocolate taster?
An extraordinary pallet which is able to differentiate between the different milky flavours.
A love of chocolate.
A serious exercise regime.

Game testerSchool Shooting-Video Games Do you have a passion for virtual gaming? For up to £30,000 a year you could become a video game tester.
What do you need for the job?
A methodical thought process.
A good eye.
A basic knowledge of programming can be useful.
A love of computer games.

AstronautAstronaut For a starting salary of around $60,000 a year you could become an astronaut.
What does the job ask for?
A bachelor’s degree in either engineering, science or mathematics. (An advance degree is desired.)
Three years related experience.
1,000 hours of flight experience in a jet aircraft.
Excellent vision.
The ability to go long periods of time without seeing your family.

Musician/ Popstared_sheeran_2012 Depending on your popularity, skill and experience levels the wages for this job can be endless.
What do you need?
A passion for music
The ability to sing, play an instrument or create music.
The ability to work all hours of the day and travel.
A thick skin (critics can be brutal)
A love of the paparazzi.

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