Psychometric testing- what you need to know.

Following on from our previous posts; ‘top tips for telephone interviews’ and ‘3 top tips for group interviews’, jobs24 have created a guide on how to complete psychometric tests.

There are two main types of psychometric testing: personality tests which assess your company suitability and aptitude tests which assess your cognitive and reasoning abilities. Psychometric testing is often used as a second or third stage interview techniques, it is important to remember that if a company has asked you to complete a psychometric test they are already considering you for the job role. In any online test scenario it’s important to prepare:

– Wait until you are in a suitable environment. – Don’t begin the test as soon as you receive it. First ensure that you are in a comfortable quiet space.

– Don’t ask for help. – You may be tempted to rely on someone else to help you with your questions, especially if you are completing the test from home. However this will not only distract you, but also detracts from the original function of the test. The interviewer will want to assess your personality, not a combination of others!

– Don’t rush. – Read every question carefully and take your time. Think about your answers before you make them.

-Be prepared to answer a variety of questions. – Often a company will use a varying range of testing styles to assess your suitability to a company. This could be anything from a speed test to a mathematical problem. As such during the assessment, you need to be prepared to adapt your response technique.

-Don’t panic when the test is done. – Many of us will begin to panic and analyse our performance as soon as a test finishes. Although it’s important to use self reflection for further improvement, there is a point when it can become detrimental. After you’ve completed a test, step away from the situation and focus on something unrelated, you can always go back to the subject and think about it later when you have a clearer perspective.

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