5 things you should never say to your boss.

I promise

Don’t make a promise to a colleague in case you are unable to deliver. Set yourself achievable goals and be truthful with your boss about your limitations and abilities. Even if you believe you are able to deliver an outcome it is never advisable to make a guarantee, as there will be elements which are out of your control. Furthermore having an open and honest relationship with your employer will make your working environment more enjoyable.

I’m only here for the money / experience / until I can find something better

You may not be in your dream job, but that doesn’t mean your employer will want to hear you complaining about their company. Showing a negative attitude towards your job role is one way on ensuring a swift departure from the company, there are a lot of other people out there who would be keen to take your place. Try to make the most out of your situation, if you are unhappy with your working environment then let your boss know, there may be a way you can alter the situation.

I can’t do that / it’s not my responsibility

Never refuse a task given to you straight away, instead take time to discuss any issues with your boss, this way you can assess whether there is a way to work around them. Do not just refuse an assignment because you don’t view it as your responsibility, there are several reasons you could have been asked to complete the task.

Go away / leave me alone

Never tell your boss to go away, it’s not a professional way to approach a situation, if you feel you are being unfairly mistreated examine your companies HR and complaint procedures and approach the appropriate person of contact.

You didn’t ask me to do that

One way to show a lack of enthusiasm or knowledge is to tell your boss that the reason you haven’t done something is because they haven’t asked you to. Showing initiative in your job role is an important way to prove to your employer that you are engaged and an asset to the company.

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