Christmas work; view it as an opportunity.

Santas-GrottoTake your position seriously- Sometimes when faced with the prospect of a temporary position we can become unenthusiastic about our roles. However just because your job role is temporary to start with, doesn’t mean it will always be the same way. In many cases, after the Christmas rush companies will offer permanent positions to those members of staff, who have shown willing and potential. So don’t go to work with the view that it doesn’t matter, just because you won’t be there for very long. Give the role your all and treat it like a permanent position, you never know how you might benefit from it.

Be flexible- Many Christmas positions you will come across will be within the retail sector. Across the festive period these stores will expect to open late into the evenings and at weekends. Therefore you need to be prepared and happy to work some unsociable hours, but try to view it in a positive light; having a weekday off will allow you to get your Christmas shopping done away from the rush.

Be prepared to try something new- Christmas temporary positions offer applicants the perfect opportunity to try a new sector or role. If you’ve always wanted to work in fashion, or want to try your hand at an electronics role then this could be your perfect opportunity.

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