Don’t develop a career crush!

For many of us, finding that perfect job can be a laborious and time consuming task. In many cases you will find that you start your job search with a specific criteria and end up choosing something completely different. But what happens when you take a different route? Instead of opening yourself up to alternative positions you end up focusing on one job, one title and one company alone.

A job crush happens when a job seeker becomes so fixated on a particular position that they stop applying for other opportunities. Just because you’ve been short listed for a job doesn’t mean you should halt your search. Developing a job crush can be detrimental to your overall career position and could mean you miss out on other better opportunities. Instead of setting your sights on one particular post follow these steps to ensure you keep your options open.

1) There is always another better option
Just because the position you’ve already applied for may sound like the perfect role doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there that you will find more suitable. During a job search we can loose sight of our goals: the longer we look the more appealing positions become. Don’t let yourself slip into rose tinted glasses. Stay focused and aware – you never know what lies around the corner.

2) Stay motivated
Searching for a job can be a lengthy and demoralising process, but don’t let yourself become unmotivated. When you give up or give in you are more likely to develop the dreaded crush. Keep on track of your search by setting yourself goals and tasks. For example, aim to apply for a certain number of jobs a week, or look at conducting some background research into the sector you are hoping to work in. There may be a skill you could be learning along the way.

3) Never assume the job is yours until you’ve seen a contract
Sometimes we can become fixated with the idea that we’ve already been given the job, with phrases such as ‘second interview’ and ‘you’ve been shortlisted’. But don’t become naive to your competition. Just because you’ve been asked back doesn’t mean you’re the only one. Never assume a position is yours until you’ve been formally asked, otherwise you could end up pining for something you thought you had.

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