What to expect when you join a new company.

first day jobs24First day
Most companies will use a form of induction procedure for new employees on their first day. Depending on the size and function of your company you could expect to partake in anything from an hour long overview of the company, and your working environment, to a 6 week induction period with a range of different activities and sessions.

Don’t worry about being thrown in at the deep end on your first day; remember you’re not expected to know everything straight away. On the other hand this doesn’t mean you should sit back in silence and simply listen to the information you’re being given. Take the time and opportunity to ask questions; get to know your company structure and the people you’ll be working with.

Probationary period
Many companies will have a form of probationary period for their new starters. This time gives the employer and the employee a chance to ‘test the waters’ of their working relationship and see if the new role/candidate is suitable.

During a probationary period expect to complete a form of appraisal, this may take place without you so be aware of who is monitoring your role. However don’t let this become your primary focus. Remember you were given the opportunity for a reason.

Depending on your role and company you may be asked to complete some training at the beginning of your job. This is something you can ask about in your interview process to determine whether you will be in a classroom or experience-based setting.

Finally, some companies may offer a buddy system when you begin to help you acclimatise to your new role. If this system is not in place, then don’t be afraid to ask your new colleagues for help, you won’t be expected to learn everything on your own.

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