Body language; how are you coming across?

Interviews are not just about the words you say, you are also being judged on the way you act. So what can you do to improve your manner?

Calm your nerves – one of the main problems job seekers face in an interview situation is conquering a nervous habit. Before your interview begins try to calm your nerves, your interviewer will not want to watch you shake your leg or wring your hands for the duration of the interview. Calming yourself will also help your speech and stop you from rushing through sentences or stammering on words.

Don’t slouch or lean towards the door, as it suggests you’re disinterested in the interview and can imply that you are eager to leave.

Try not to cross your arms; this can give off the impression of aggression or defence. Instead sit with your hands by your side or crossed on your lap.

Sit up straight and lean towards the employer. This gives off the impression that you are keen and happy to be there. However be aware of personal space. Leaning towards someone is a good thing; touching or making them uncomfortable is not.

Practice your handshake. Most of us know that a limp grasp won’t inspire confidence, but having a hand breaking hold can give across the feeling of arrogance.

Don’t fidget. Whether you’re a hair twirler, a leg shaker or a nail biter, make sure you leave your habit at home. As we said previously, there is nothing worse than watching someone scratch, shake and jiggle their way through an interview.

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