Cover letters, sometimes creativity isn’t a good thing

cover letterWhen writing a cover letter you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Instead of using the age old ‘I am applying for this position because…’ try highlighting your job title and accomplishments: ‘When I was a senior care assistant for company x I…’.

But what happens when your attempt to stand out is more of an embarrassment than a success? Jobs24 have a few examples of what not to put to avoid a cringeworthy cover letter.

Don’t lie:
‘I think I would be the ideal candidate for your business because I speak 5 languages and I used to be a tight walker in an American circus.’

Putting fake information on your CV will come back to haunt you if you are offered a job. Recruiters will run history checks on the information you provide and you could face immediate dismissal.

Be humble:
‘There are many reasons why your company can’t go on without me.’

Highlighting your skills and assets is important. Insulting your potential employer is not.

Don’t put yourself down:
‘I would say one of my greatest weaknesses is my lack of timekeeping skills.’

Being honest is a good thing, but sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.

On the other hand don’t pretend your strengths are weaknesses to make yourself look better:
‘I would say one of my greatest weaknesses is that I’m a workaholic. No matter what I’m doing I always push myself to my limit.’

A humble brag is still a brag, no matter how you present it.

Keep it simple and think about your audience:
‘I am applying for this position because I think your company is epic, and to be honest with you I reckon I would make a pretty good member of your team.’

You may be used to speaking to your friends and family in a certain way but mimicking the cast of The Only Way is Essex is not the best way to get yourself noticed.

Watch your spelling and grammar:
‘i want tp apply 4 the position you r offering cz I think it would suit my skills.’

Using incorrect spelling and grammar doesn’t make sense and will cause a recruiter to dismiss your application, and in an age of technology led mobile operating systems, using text language is becoming obsolete

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