Why you shouldn’t let your job hunt slip over the holiday season

For many of us carrying on the job hunt over Christmas can seem like a pointless task, as we assume companies stop recruiting over the festive period. Well it’s time to change your ways: instead of putting your search on pause across Christmas, kick it into gear. The festive season is actually one of the larger periods for recruitment, with many people choosing to change career in the new year and a growth in retail positions being available thanks to the increase of shopping and sales. We’ve come up with a few reasons why you should be ditching the chocolate and hitting the keyboard instead.

Companies run down around Christmas.
With the pre-December rush over, many companies use the festive period to look toward the New Year. This provides the opportunity to examine their employee structure which may bring new opportunities.

Get a jump on your competition.
You won’t be the only one shutting down over the festive period to focus your efforts on mince pie making and present wrapping; your job competition will also be preoccupied. So use the opportunity of reduced competition to boost your likelihood of finding a job.

Christmas work brings increased opportunity
The festive period provides the perfect opening for those looking to work in the retail sector with an influx of shoppers hitting the January sales. Just because the positions you are applying for are listed as temporary doesn’t mean they will always be. Check out our article on Christmas work, to find out more.

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