5 Christmas jobs that seem more glamorous than they actual are

1)  Pantomime actor
If you love the spotlight and have an abundance of Christmas cheer you may want to try your hand at becoming a pantomime actor. However the position comes with a high level of stress, late nights and spade loads of stage makeup. You also need plenty of athletic ability to be able to sing and dance for an extended period of time.

2) Christmas cracker joke writer
You may think a job role that involves creating and cracking jokes all day long sounds enjoyable, and if you have always been an aspiring comedian you may suit this job perfectly. However coming up with Christmas one liners all year long can become tedious and irritating. Especially as many of the Christmas ‘crackers’ are cheesy jokes.

3)  Christmas decorator
Most of us love hanging our Christmas decorations and take a secret pride in seeing our Christmas tree dressed and ready to go (no matter how long it takes you to untangle the lights). So creating winter wonderlands as a career choice may seem a desirable. However you have to do a lot of heavy lifting and you’re expected to work outdoors in the coldest months of the year. Also it’s not your taste you are trying to impart on the properties, instead you need to be able to visualise the scene from your customer’s point of view.

4)  Elf
What could be better than making and wrapping presents all year, living alongside Santa in a winter wonderland? Well when you take into consideration the level of work and type of toys children now expect, plus the freezing arctic working conditions, being ‘Santa’s little helper’ looses its charm.

5)  Santa
Our final position, is arguably the most Christmas oriented job you can find. Santa Claus is admired by hundreds of children all over the world. He can fly, he is magic and he gets to eat a worlds worth of cookies in one go. However on the flip side, despite popular belief Santa doesn’t just work one night a year. Coordinating Christmas doesn’t happen over night, it’s a full time occupation. Also he has to do an extreme amount of travelling in a short space of time through the hottest and coldest climates across the world.

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