3 New Years resolutions to help your job search

Refresh your resume
Sometimes when we are searching for a job we can forget that keeping our CV’s updated and relevant is important. In the New Year plan to look over and alter your CV once a month, it will not only remind you to add anything you have accomplished for example an online short course, but it will also refresh your memory for any upcoming job interviews you may have.

Make a plan
Searching for a job can seem like an endless task, and ensuring you complete each application properly is critical. Making a plan of action will allow you to look ahead to what needs doing and set yourself a list of timed goals. For example, you may plan to apply for at least 3 different positions a week on a staggered basis. A plan will also reduce your stress by making you feel in control.

Write a new cover letter for each application
You may think that changing the name on your standard cover letter is enough to personalise your application. However taking a few extra minutes to write a new targeted letter for each company will make your application look more serious. It also allows you to highlight how your skills and experience match those that your potential employer is looking for. For more tips on writing a cover letter check out our post here.

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