Interview quiz:

It’s the New Year and the perfect opportunity to start afresh with a new career, but are you set for the perfect job interview? Do you need to re-evaluate how you conduct yourself? Take our simple quiz below to find out.

How should you dress for the perfect interview?

a) It doesn’t matter what I wear to a job interview, all that matters is what I say.

b) I would research the company before hand and base my clothing on their business.

c) I would always dress smartly for an interview, in business attire.

d) My casual clothing as that’s when I feel most comfortable.

There are two correct answers in this category, B and C. Before you attend an interview you should always research the company, doing this will allow you to plan your outfit around their company dress code. Although you may think a three piece suit is always the best option, you may feel out of place if your interview for a carpentry position takes place on a building site. On the other hand if you are unsure about what the company dress code is, it’s always better to veer towards smart dress.

When is it ok to be late for a job interview?

a) If you have a valid excuse, for example your alarm didn’t go off.

b) On purpose to show up fashionably late.

c) Never.

The correct answer is C. If you answered A or B you need to re-evaluate the importance of time and being prompt in an interview situation. Showing up late will make you look unprepared and uninterested, there’s nothing fashionable about it. Try to get to your job interview 5 minutes early, plan your outfit the day before, set two alarms, find out where you need to go and allow for traffic.

It’s ok to stay silent or avoid a question if?

A) You’re unsure of what you are being asked.

B) You are not confident in your work.

C) You have something to hide that you think would harm your chances of landing the job.

D) Never.

E) You can’t remember the answer.

In short it’s never a good idea to stay silent in an interview. If you’re unsure about the question ask the interviewer to clarify for you. If you don’t know the answer it is better to be honest and tell the interviewer rather than make up an answer or lie. It is always better to speak the truth as any lies you tell in an interview could be revealed when you start at the company.

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