3 ways to help you start your work day

you snooze you looseStay away from the snooze button
Waking up with your alarm will increase your alertness and mood throughout the day. You may think a few extra minutes of sleep will make you feel better but in actual fact you may end up resetting your sleep cycle and as a result you will wake up during a deeper period of sleep than before. The harder it is to wake up in the mornings the worse we feel throughout the day.

breakfast-heart-eggsEat breakfast
The whole point of breakfast is to break your fast after a night’s sleep. Simply put, your body has undergone a substantial amount of time without any food and food gives us energy. Eating breakfast also helps increase your cognitive functions, which are linked to your memory skills.

Listen to lively music to lighten your mood
If you’re feeling sluggish when you wake up put some music on. It will lighten your mood and help you to keep your eyes open. Stay away from any dulcet tones though, the idea is to stimulate your senses, not lull them into a stupor.

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