Young jobseekers, why you should consider a career in the farming industry!

Author Amy Watts -

Emily Rout FarmBuyer Manager –

When most people think of careers in agriculture, a mud splattered man in wellies and a flat cap springs to mind. This is however a common misconception. There are many a mud splattered farmer out there but the Food & Farming industry is massive with a wide variety of mud free jobs. In fact the food and farming sector employs 3.5m people in the UK, which is nearly 1 in every 7 jobs.

Jobs that you would never associate with farming, in IT, Marketing, Trading and Accountancy are all available in and funded by the farming industry.

At just 22, Emily Rout is a perfect example of a young person having found a career in the farming industry. Emily, like a lot of others wasn’t aware of the jobs available to her in agriculture “not until I had left school. I had no idea that Agriculture was such a global business when I was picking a career.”

Emily graduated from EastonCollege with a BSc Hons in Agriculture in 2012. During this course she completed a placement year at Anglia Farmers as a Livestock Assistant, after graduating she was offered a full time position and was later appointed as FarmBuyer Manager.

FarmBuyer is a buying group that offers a personal buying service offering members savings on a range of products. Managing such a large project gives Emily a lot of work, it doubled in size in the last year. On a daily basis Emily is in charge of all aspects of the business “Sales, Marketing, member communication, relationship building with members, contractual business, accounts and risk management…to name a few things!”

At just 22 and already a manager, Emily is somebody worth listening to and she says she would encourage anyone to get involved in the farming industry, “Whatever your passion is, whether it’s graphic design, journalism, crop production or even accounting there is a role in the agricultural industry for you. The opportunities are endless”.

Don’t forget there are always the mud splattered options too; there are hundreds of on farm careers, working with crops, livestock and machinery!

Richard Self, EDGE Apprenticeships in Food and Farming project manager, said: “It’s great that so many employers are keen to source bright, young staff and provide them with brilliant career opportunities. It’s estimated that the agricultural sector will need at least 60,000 new recruits over the next ten years so the number of great jobs available in the industry will continue to grow.”

So if you’re stuck on plans for the future why not look further into farming & foods. For more information, including details of employers looking for apprentices, visit or call EDGE on 01603 881966.

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