Looking for a summer job? Don’t leave it too late!

summerYou may feel like summer is still a long time off but starting your job search early can be critical to your employment success. We’ve come up with a few top tips to help you find the perfect summer placement.

1) Apply early- This will give you a head start on your competition as summer jobs are popular with the student market. Also many employers are already looking ahead to the summer months and accepting applications.

2) Try not to bust your budget- When you secure your summer role make sure you take the time to plan your budget. It can be all too tempting to spend your pay check as soon as it comes in, but remember you might not be so happy when the summer ends and you realise you’ve saved nothing for the winter.

3) Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – You may want to be a Chef, Pilot or Nurse when you leave education but this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to secure a summer job role in these sectors. Be open to all opportunities, even if the role isn’t ‘glamorous’ it could provide you with key skills.

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