How to write a resignation letter

resign letterChoosing to leave your current job position can be a stressful and daunting decision. You can make the transition easier by providing your employer with the proper notice period and leaving on good terms. Most positions will require a written letter stating your decision to leave the intended company, however even if you are not required to provide a letter, for clarity and legal reasons it is still a good idea.

Make sure you are brief and to the point in your letter. State the date you will leave the company and whether or not you are happy to work your notice period. Avoid writing anything negative or damaging to your relationship with the company in your letter. Saying thank you will increase your chances of receiving a positive reference. You don’t need to go overboard but highlighting the way the company, job or people have helped you and where they have influenced your career is advisable.

The following is an example of a resignation letter:

Dear xxx,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my current position at xxx. I am willing/ not willing to work my notice period of two weeks, therefore my leaving date will be the 20th November 2014.

Thank you for the training and experiences you have given me throughout my time at the company. I have learnt xxx from working for you over the last 3 years and the advice you have provided me with over this time has been invaluable.

This letter serves as my formal resignation from today’s date, however I will continue to work to my full capacity and ability for the next 14 days and ensure that my work is finished to the highest standards.

Kind regards,


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