5 of the best film careers

Professor at Hogwarts

Let’s face it the ability to perform magic would be an incredibly useful skill. All those mundane boring activities would no longer be a problem. Plus working at Hogwarts would never be uninteresting, and you get to eat some of the most amazing foods without going through the effort of preparing them. Dumbledore

Iron Man

There are a host of superheroes we could have chosen to be on this list but Iron Man is our favourite. He’s smart, intuitive, funny and extremely wealthy plus he gets to fly round the world on a daily basis. On the downside we think it might get a little heavy wearing that suit all day, but unlike some other superheroes Iron Man doesn’t have to hide his identity, which makes saving the world a whole lot easier.Iron man

Richy Rich

To put it simply anyone with their own McDonalds and private roller-coaster is going to make us a little jealous. Could you imagine waking up everyday to a host of entertainment waiting in your back garden?Richie Rich

Indiana Jones

Would you like a job that allows you to travel around the world? Are you an avid adventurer? Do you like excitement and discovery? Then Indiana Jones might have the perfect career for you. Indiana Jones

Toy tester – Big

Tom Hanks has one of the most enviable and fun jobs as his character Josh Banks in the film Big. He gets paid a large sum of money to test toys on a daily basis. Although this dream job is perfect for Josh as he is only 13 we can still relate to the excitement of finding the perfect toy. No matter how old we get we still have a childish side. Big

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