Your Interview Look

First impressions are most certainly lasting impressions and, as problematic as it may seem, many employers’ first impressions will be based on the way you look. To give yourself the best possible head start it is important to make sure you look the part. Here are jobs24’s top five tips for how to wow interviewers before you’ve even opened your mouth.ugly-betty-poncho_240

1.      Be comfortable!

First and foremost it is vital to feel comfortable. When choosing an interview outfit think long and hard about what you usually wear; do you often wear trousers or perhaps you feel more comfortable in a skirt? Try choosing an outfit you feel good in an adapting it to ensure it’s appropriate for a professional occasion. If you’re uncomfortable in your chosen outfit you won’t be able to concentrate fully on the interview and you can be sure that your interviewer will notice if you’re not 100% focused.

2.      Originality.

The likelihood is that your interviewer will be seeing several candidates for the position and may struggle to distinguish between 10 interviewees all in identical grey suits. Therefore, if you can display an element of your personality without compromising the professionalism of your outfit then do it! A well-placed bit of colour or individual accessory would do the trick but be sure not to over do it.

3.      Time for a groom…

Never has your mother’s advice about washing behind your ears been more appropriate! Your interviewer will be looking to see that you are an organised and composed human being and the easiest way to demonstrate this is by ensuring you look neat and tidy for the interview. Have you been meaning to get a haircut for a month or so? Well now is the time! If your food has a nasty habit of jumping off the plate and onto your clean, white shirt then try to avoid eating anything too high risk in your interview outfit. It doesn’t matter how much money to spend on posh, new clothes for your interview, if you don’t look neat in them then it’s money wasted.

4.      Accessories

Make sure your bag or briefcase is neatly organised. Take out all of those old receipts and the squished banana you never had the chance to eat. Trust us, you’ll be grateful when you lean down to retrieve your portfolio or CV and your bag doesn’t spill open with various incriminating items scattered across the table. Your interviewer will be wildly impressed by your organisational skills and professional persona.

5.      Feedback

Track down some friends or family who you know can be brutally honest (sometimes a bit too honest, perhaps) and ask for some advice. It doesn’t cost anything and you will probably get a more reliable picture this way than if you spend an hour staring in the mirror, stomach sucked in, looking at your best angle only!

So now that you’ve wowed your interviewer with your professional look it will be a easy to wow them with your intellect… Good luck!

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