Your January Jobs Detox

Lots of people think of January as a particularly gloomy month. Christmas is over, it’s cold outside and the dryathlon is already starting to wear thin. Here at Jobs24, however, we prefer to think of January as an exciting month. Self-improvement is in the air, people are trying new things and challenging themselves. Along with getting fit, a change of career is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions around. Here are Jobs24’s top three tips for how to get a fresh approach to your employment hunt in 2015.Jobs detox

1. Open your mind. A drastic career change can be a scary prospect but thinking outside the box during a job search can be the most beneficial approach. If you’re not enjoying your current work then perhaps you need to completely rethink your skill set. Do you enjoy the team work aspect of your job or perhaps the organisational side is your strength? By picking up on these transferable skills you will find that a new range of jobs are available to you.

2. Reassess the situation. As well as being a great time for new starts, January is also the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year just gone. If you’ve been looking for work for a while then this is the time to go back over your CV and rewrite that cover letter. Every time that you send out an application that you’re not entirely happy with you’re missing an opportunity to get that dream job.

3. Be organised. If you’ve been looking for a job for a while it can be easy for one week to drift into another without feeling as though you’re making any progress. Set yourself achievable goals; perhaps aim to apply for three jobs per week. Being structured and organised in your approach to finding a job is not only going to make it more likely that you will get work, it will also put you in a good mindset for when you start your new job.

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