Ten tips for writing a CV

Before you send off your CV or upload it to a job board you need to be 100% confident you are putting your best foot forward.

Curriculum Vitae

1) Check and double check grammar and spelling.

2) Exaggeration – Don’t be tempted to invent qualifications or embellish the extent of your      work experience.

3) Keep it concise and clear – Less is more. Aim for two pages maximum.

4) No repetition – Always check that you haven’t used the same words for describing               different skills, work experience, or interests.

5) Tailor your CV – Don’t be tempted to send the same CV to a large number of employers.     Tailoring it will give you a better chance of success.

6) Presentation – Use a commonly used font such as Times Roman or Arial.

7) Highlight achievements – Remember the purpose/goal of the CV is to get the interview;      it needs to stand out and help you sell yourself.

8) Back up with examples – Try to include examples of any skill or achievement. This will        give your potential employer an idea of how you have used your skills.

9) Use your friends and family- Get someone to proof read your CV.

10) Keep it fresh- Update your CV whenever you’ve gained more experience.

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